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It's a Lifestyle Mentality to Desire, Perspire and Inspire

An anything goes lifestyle mentality brand that provides a badge of honor for what you will do, have done or continue to do.  Like water we find our own path.  Like a Rhino, we are self-assured, courageous and allow nothing to get in our way.

Bumbling Yeti Podcast

The Bumbling Yeti Podcast

Check out our podcast that is based on real experiences with real people.  Available on all major platforms.

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Desire it! Perspire for it! Inspire others to get theirs!

If you want it, you will work for it. If you work for it, you will inspire others to get theirs.

Aquaryno Inspired

The creation and journey of Rudy's Tint

Carl Rudegeair describes himself as having the brain of a goldfish, however throughout episode 1 of AquaRyno Inspired he takes us through his journey and evolution of being a small business owner. Rudy talks about the day he was asked to try tinting windows by a friend all the way to today where he has his very own shop. We are thinking that after this episode, many people will wish they had a brain of a goldfish...




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The Traveling Golfer Video provides a network of websites that will host "The Traveling Golfer" video each month, along with a variety of television broadcasts. Together, these sites and TV stations reach millions of households.